What We Offer
At KDC, We have something for everyone with a large variety of classes and all different times and levels to choose from, we’re sure to have just the right class for you. Come see for yourself what KDC has to offer. You won’t believe what you’ve been missing. Classes Monday – Thursday and Sunday.

Regular Classes
We offer Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Pointe, Pom Pon, Just for Fun Jazz and Pom, Hip Hop, Creative Movement, Ballroom,  and Tumbling/Acro recreation classes.

Creative Movement
This is an introduction to traditional dance for students ages 2 to 4 to expose new dancers to follow directions, musicality, rhythm and socialization all while learning the begining fundamentals of Ballet.

Adult Classes
We currently offer adult tap classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students.

Kern’s Dance Company Competitive Dance Team

Our Competitive Dance Team is comprised of students that are dedicated and committed to practicing and performing dance at regional and national competitions.  We offer tryouts annually to become a member of our team in the summer, normally right after our annual recital.  We are one of the most successful competition groups in the St. Louis Area winning top honors at every competition that we attend. We require a higher level of commitment from these students while making every effort to work around our members other interests such as Dance Team, Cheerleading, School Sports and Theater. We have an active Booster Club of dedicated parents that will help offset the costs associated with being a competitive dancer.



  • Imagine the smiles when the couples first dance is to Dance With My Baby.
  • Imagine the jaws that will drop when the Dad–Daughter dance is to Go Daddy O
  • Imagine how your party will kick into high gear when the entire wedding party starts to Swingdance to Jump Jive & Wail
  • We can make it happen – We do it all the time – Call us today

Why Should I Choose KDC?

All Dance Studios Are Not The Same
The St. Louis area is a great place to live if you’re a dancer. There are a lot of dance studios to choose from. They all have very different programs, styles, and philosophies. KDC is not for everyone but what follows are the reasons that hundreds of parents and students have decided that KDC is the right place for them to learn to dance, make friends and have fun.

  • No Ridiculous Enrollment Fees
  • Small class size for individual attention
  • Age appropriate costumes, music & choreography
  • Full length mirrors
  • A wonderful office staff
  • Extremely large rooms
  • 36×36 Advanced and Competition room
  • 10 foot high ceilings
  • 40 foot long tumbling room
  • Observation windows to all studios
  • Large waiting area
  • Affordable Family Max rates
  • Each student receives unlimited recital tickets
  • Affordable recital fees
  • No hassle, reasonably priced costumes
  • Great teachers, great students & great parents
  • Ample, well lit parking in a very safe area
  • Free Wireless Internet
  • Centrally located
  • Local Recitals

Every year, one of the competition MC’s always tells us that he loves coming to St. Louis to see us because it is so refreshing to see a group of kids that get along so well. While in Florida, one of our dads told us that after coaching softball for years, he is amazed at how well everyone gets along. How do we do it? It’s simple. We encourage good sportsmanship and a positive attitude. The best thing that we can hope for is that all of our students will look back at their time at KDC and remember all of the good times that they had and the wonderful friendships that they made.


One Hour Per Week Average
Price per month
Enrollment Fee
None at this time
Pom Pon Squad Initiation Fee
One-Time for first time members
Pom Pon Squad Annual Fee
Annual fee for returning members
Competitive Team Dancers See office
Private Lessons
Per hour depending on what teacher you choose
$15 – $40
Ballroom Lessons
One hour per week for four to six weeks depending on enrollment and experience
Recital Fee
$45.00 per family recital fee which includes unlimited guests
Recital Programs
(our cost)
Family Max/Non Competition/Recreational classes
Does not include adult classes, private lessons, competition or Pom Pon Squad
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