About BKDS

When you mention BK Dance Studio, you’re liable to hear, “Oh, I went there”. That’s because BKDS has been bringing good, wholesome, family fun to the dance world since 1961.  Our name has changed but our vision has not.  We are still the same family owned and operated dance studio we always have been.

BKDS is one of the largest and most well known dance studios. Friendships are formed here that last a lifetime.

Our teachers are wonderful, decent people that you will love working with and that your children will admire and look up to.  BKDS really is just one big, happy family.

Through out the years our students have had many achievements in the dance profession such as:

  • Opening up their own studios
  • Performed in productions at the Muny
  • Performed at the Fox
  • Performed on Broadway
  • Become professional cheerleaders

At BKDS, we try to expose our students to as many new opportunities as possible. There isn’t another studio anywhere that offers more for their students.

  • Kids Caring For Cancer Performance
  • Star Search Tryouts In St. Louis
  • Kid Fair At The American Center
  • Darrin’s Dance Moves Training
  • The Illinois State Fair Talent Competition
  • Judivine Center for Autism Performance
  • Belleville Youth Fair Performance
  • Paramount Park Productions
  • St. Clair County Fair Talent Competition
  • Masterworks Coral Performance
  • Show Me St. Louis Performance
  • Take 5 Performance
  • Energy Source Dance Camp
  • Local Competitions & Nationals In Branson


About our Chakra Energy Dance


In the last few years we introduced a new type of dance, called the 'Chakra Energy Dance'. We dance to bring the energy to our body and open our chakras.

According to Hindu tradition, the seven chakras are the most important energy centers in our body. With the energy dance, we stimulate these centers and open ourselves fully to the energies of the universe.

If you don't believe in energy dance, come see for yourself what BKDS is all about.


You Won’t Believe What You’ve Been Missing!